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pantalla de aluminio para serigrafia pack 4 unidades malla amarilla
pantalla de aluminio para serigrafia malla amarilla
pantalla de aluminio para serigrafia  malla amarilla

Screen printing screens

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Screen printing screens

Screens and frames for wooden screen printing

Screen printing screens and fabric-shaped frames professional and high quality with high tension for a perfect and defined paper and textile printing job 
Screen printing screen made of pine wood, strong and resistant. High quality mesh.
They can be used for work on:

  • Textile
  • Paper / cardboard
  • Wood
  • Ceramics
  • Plastic
  • Crystal

We get more definition to more number of threads in our mesh.
Inside size measurements, do not count wood frames.
Screen printing screens with yellow cloth for paper, higher definition.

Screen printing screen with wooden frame covered in 43 threads:
Ideal for textile printing. All terrain. It is the most used.

Lampshade with woven wood frame in 55 threads:
It is a very versatile yarn, you can work textiles with details and paper.

Wood frame lampshade lined in 90 threads:
It is used for very precise work, with details and small text. Remember that if you use water-based textile inks (lacquers) you will have to use retardant liquid to prevent the ink from drying on the screen so quickly.

Lampshade with a 120-thread-count wood frame:
For high definition work on paper.

90 and 120 thread yellow mesh screens can take 3-5 days to serve. They are little used screens and we do not always have stock in our warehouse.

* The color of the glue on the screen may vary.



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