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tinta textil acramina serigrafia transparente fondos oscuros
Acraminas Textiles - Tintas Serigrafía 1 Kg Ecológicas (Acraminas)
Acraminas Textiles - Tintas Serigrafía 1 Kg Ecológicas (Acraminas)

Screen Printing Inks 1 Kg Transparent Water Based (Acramine)

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Acramine screen printing inks They are used to print on light backgrounds, they have little touch once dry. Ideal for white, yellow garments etc.

Transparent inks.
Not recommended for dark garments.

Textile inks come in cans of 1KG.
Ecological inks.

For drying, if we have a drying oven, it will be enough to dry the garment between 140º and 150º. I imagine that not everyone has a drying oven for garments ... so if you use a stripper or a dryer at a considerable distance you can dry the print in 4-5 minutes. Be careful not to burn the garment!

Textile inks will be perfect for working on 43-wire screens, but you can also work with screens without problems 34 to 90 threads. They are very liquid inks.

To clean the inks from the screen you can use water for cleaning, it is inevitable that some ink will get out sometime.


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