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The best screen printing machines

by Ronny Garcia on March 22, 2017

Screen Printing Machines

Or the best "screen printing octopuses" as we call them in the world of screen printing.

It is very common to have the confusion of not knowing which screen printing machine to choose, there are a lot of variety of options on the market, in addition to having the field of manual and automatic screen printing machines.

Manual or automatic machines?

The answer depends on another question: How many shirts do you plan to print?

Planning with the future in mind is the key.

If our intention is to make t-shirts for ourselves, as a hobby, to start a clothing brand or to start a business from scratch then the best option is to start by using a manual screen printing machine.

If, on the other hand, we already have a business going, or we start a business from scratch but having a client portfolio and our printing forecast is around 3000 garments per day, then it is time to make the leap to automatic machines.

Manual tabletop or standing machine?

It all depends on our workplace. If at the moment we are working at home then we can choose the desktop option, but if we already have a room or large space to work in then we recommend standing screen printing machines.

We imagine that you have already seen hundreds of videos on YouTube about how to make screen printing and types of screen printing octopus, and you will have seen that almost always the same American brands are the most used in the professional industry. On the podium of the most recognized professional screen printing machines in the world, they stand out Riley Hopkins of Ryonet, Vastex and M&R.

Ryonet's Riley Hopkins is a company with more than 30 years behind it, always manufacturing first-class and top-class machinery. Made entirely in the USA with a quality seal and a lifetime guarantee, few companies can say the same! In the last 10 years, Riley Hopins has been gaining ground and has made a place for itself in professional machines, improving its designs year after year and always being up-to-date with new features.

We highlight its range of Riley Hopkins tabletop 4x1 and 4x4 with XY microregistration, and its range of standing machines Riley Hopkins WIN 4x4 and the new Riley 500. You can find the Riley Hopkins screen printing machines in our section of Screen Printing Machines.

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