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SBK paper inks - Screen printing WHITE on BLACK

by Ronny Garcia on June 11, 2018

A few months ago we met Marti Alcon, illustrator of Olesa de Montserrat (Cat), you can visit him in his account Instagram or visit your Web.

We have been lucky and he has let us share a part of a self-published book, entirely made by him, using SBK Paper Inks for screen printing from our website.

Marti Alcon serigrafía


In his book he plays with colors by stamping directly on black cardboard, achieving a very covering white color.

To achieve a perfect white color, the ink has been used directly as it comes in the container and to achieve the other colors as covering, has mixed a little white paper ink with the color that you want to print.

SBK paper inks are transparent or semi-transparent, they cover perfectly light but not dark backgrounds. The only ones that are completely opaque are white ink, black and colors like gold and silver. If we want some of the transparent colors to be more covering, it is best to use Martí Alcon's trick and mix the color with the white ink.

In the following image you can see how the green and red color are completely covering. The white color has only one ink pass, it is recommended to do two passes if we want a pure white. (In the photos the color is not fully appreciated)

Marti Alcon serigrafía


In the next photo the blue color has a little white to make it opaque, while the brown color is the direct color without mixing. We can see that it covers very well above the blue but being semi-transparent when it touches the black color it does not cover it at all. In the brown / blue square in the center you can clearly see the difference in stamping on the ink itself and on the black cardboard.

In the case of yellow and green ink, they are not mixed with white ink, they are transparent colors.

Martí Alcon Serigrafía


SBK Professional Screen Printing Paper Inks are designed and manufactured especially for paper. They are produced in Belgium in the most ecological way possible.

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