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Screen printing books

by Ronny Garcia on December 18, 2016

In this post I want to talk about silkscreen books that may interest you.
Screen printing is an art that has been practiced for hundreds of years and with the passage of time it is perfected or modified. Thanks to these silkscreen books we will be able to go even further into the world of screen printing and learn step by step.

Recommended screen printing books

In the first place we have one that was published reluctantly and has already occupied a place on the shelves of many artists and fans of screen printing.

Libro serigrafíaPhotograph of El Duende de los Hilos, visit his Online store!

The book Silkscreen It could be said that it is a very complete manual on how to learn to do screen printing from the first steps to achieve the perfect impression. It is full of photographs that will show you step by step how to make your first prints. From emulsifying, tightening your screen printing screens and how to apply the inks. 

You can see the price and buy La Serigrafia at Amazon Spain , or in the following button:

comprar en amazon

Do you know any other interesting screen printing books?
Write the title in a comment and we will add it!