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The Screenprinters - Black Brand Screen Printing

by Ronny Garcia on September 20, 2016

We present you a new section of our blog, The Screenprinters, here we will present our favorite serigraphy workshops and studios in Spain, so you can have a professional guide as a reference.

A few weeks ago we wrote to Victor about Black Mark Silkscreen (A Coruña) to ask him a couple of questions, he answered us very kindly and gave us some photographs.


What's behind Marca Negra Serigrafia?
I am eager to work on what we like and not stop learning by being part of interesting projects. At first the idea arose a bit as a brand but we immediately decided to design and / or print any project of whoever contacted us. The reception has been good and now there is no going back.

Marca Negra Serigrafia Ryonet

Being a designer, have you always worked in design applied to screen printing? Has it been difficult for you to adapt?
Only in personal projects or as a hobby, maybe that's why we like it so much. It has its point, a good poster or illustration does not always work at all when worn on a t-shirt. The possibilities of space, the limitation of inks, a direct message and not going unnoticed among so many, give for hours and hours looking for the best result. We always liked the more compact and t-shirt designs. Ray Pettibon, Courtland Johnson, Jim Phillips… The relationship of music with screen printing, the DIY spirit… although we have no problem in screen printing the clothes of the fishmonger across the street, we would love it!

Marca Negra Serigrafia Ryonet

Why do you think you have advanced so fast? How about the step to 4 inks? On your instagram I think that recently you were printing in 1 color and now you already have one Ryonet screen printing machine and you're doing multi-ink jobs.
Before starting this month of June, we had been learning for about a year and a half, unraveling many old t-shirts and everything we could find. We keep doing it. From practically the beginning we work with 4 inks. As for the artisanal octopus transition to Riley Hopkings jr. It is a world, register, comfort, speed… everything. A very good investment.

Marca Negra Serigrafia Ryonet

What have been your favorite screen printing jobs?
Each one is different, either by design or by what is behind it, personally when in a 3 or 4 color T-shirt, each ink is part of a whole, it is best to see how the design joins with the last layer and makes sense the job.

You use water-based lacquers in your prints, have you tried other types of inks? We work with lacquers, acramines and discharge. Sometimes vinyl but what we use daily is water-based.

Marca Negra Serigrafia Ryonet

Do you have any tips or tricks you can give to someone else who does screen printing?
If I said something it would be to stain and try without fear of error, try not to get ink in the eyes or the mouth and go ahead.

Learn more Black Brand Serigraph on its Web, you can see more pictures in his Instagram @marcanegraserigrafia and in its Facebook Black Mark Silkscreen.