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6 reasons why we LOVE Screen Printing

by Ronny Garcia on August 07, 2016

Screen printing has been part of our day to day for many years, we started thanks to merchandising the music groups of our friends and over the years we have learned many things that we love about screen printing that others do not have. types of prints.

1 - Each print is handmade so each print is unique and different.

2 - Screen printing offers a printing quality (especially on paper) that other types of printing do not offer, such as soft touch, bright colors and brightness.

Ana Seixas Serigrafia Ana Seixas Serigrafia Ana Seixas Serigrafia Ana Seixas Serigrafia
Illustrations and prints of Ana Seixas, you can follow her on Instagram and acquire their works in their Online Store and see their Portfolio here.

3 - It is great to see how the colors can be mixed on the screen, being able to use several colors with a single screen and creating unique fades for each print

4 - Forget the gym! Hand stamping 500 prints a day will give you tight biceps and strong pecs;).

5 - Seeing the result from the computer to the garment is very comforting, it makes us explore our limits and makes us experiment more. Above all, it is perfect when the designer / client congratulates us on the work.

6 - Going for a walk down the street and seeing a t-shirt that you have printed or seeing in a store a product that you have made in your workshop makes you feel an interior tickle even if you have not made the design yourself, but you know that this product has come out of your silkscreen workshop.