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Learning to stamp!

At the end of December he joined Helena To the team of Pulpo in his ink and from the first day he has not stopped teaching his knowledge of screen...
by Ronny Garcia on February 09, 2014

Learning screen printing - Emulsify screens

Emulsionar pantallas de serigrafía  

It was time!
This post will explain step by step how emulsify screen printing screens, easily and always thinking that it can be done at home without complications

In the workshop the emulsion Aquasol Murakami
Silkscreen screen It is 43 threads and 40x50 cm where a din A3 fits and we have plenty of room.

Prepare our workspace.
We are going to get dirty. Be clear, emulsifying in 90% of cases is synonymous with getting dirty. That is why we have to work with clothes that we do not like very much and in a table or large place where we can work with ease. 

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by Ronny Garcia on August 13, 2013


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