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by Ronny Garcia on April 01, 2015

Today we can silkscreen in different ways, either starting in a homemade way and then moving to a more professional range. 
We always recommend starting silkscreen with the basics:
You can buy all our products here

  • Screen printing hinges
  • Green Earth Lacquers of 500gr
  • 25 or 30 cm scrapers
  • Retardant for lacquers
  • Takter 1000 Adhesive Spray
  • Screens insolated with your design

With these products we can start silkscreen and take tests to learn.

Over time you will see that both your clothing brand or your printing company will need to grow to adapt to the market and that is why we accompany you in this stage and show you high-end products for initiation and high-end professional for silkscreen in your workshop.

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