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#SundayPrintInspirations 3

by Ronny Garcia on January 04, 2015
One more Sunday I bring you 7 images / videos / articles that have caught my attention throughout the week always related to screen printing and stamping.

Print Gocco

Japanese machine between risography and screen printing to make manual prints. 


Justyna medoń

Designer specialized in screen printing on fabric and wallpapers. Web.

Justyna Medoń screen print



Textile fashion made in a traditional way eg Japan. Web


Druck Berlin

Festival dedicated to screen printing that takes place every 2 years in Berlin, the next one is in September 2015. Web

serigrafía berlin druck

serigrafía screenprint druck berin


Oil & Water do not mix

Serigraphs on paper made with oil residues caused in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. 


Physical fiction

Letterpress, prints made with Lego pieces. Web

Jack Daniel's Letterpress

Yee-Haw Industries.