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What t-shirts to use for printing in summer?

by Ronny Garcia on August 09, 2018

In addition to the photolith, the screen and the inks that we use in our daily work, there is something very important and one that we do not pay as much attention to: T-shirts.

In Spain we can find dozens of brands of shirts to personalize, and each model can be in different thicknesses and colors.

Depending on the time of year in our workshop we recommend some t-shirts or others. For example, in summer we recommend using the 160gr Gildan Softstyle Ring Spun T-shirt because of their variety of colors and because they are light and breathable.

The most remarkable thing about the t-shirt is its fabric, it has a high density of stitches so that the surface to be printed is smoother and softer, it will help us to have a very uniform silkscreen print and it helps us to cover it better.

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Another essential t-shirt for summer is the B&C Exact 150, with a very soft touch and easy to wear thanks to its pre-washed cotton and its continuous mesh thread. Like the Gildan Sofstyle, its fabric with high density of stitches helps the stamping making it smooth and perfect.

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