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What material do I need to set up my screen printing workshop?

by Ronny Garcia on October 25, 2014

I usually get quite a few emails asking what they need to buy in order to print their own shirts at home. Screen printing is a very simple system that we need to have several products to begin with, but these products usually last a long time so it is an investment in the long run.


To have your workshop and make handmade screen printing at home you need the following:

1) I recommend you do some silkscreen course To get started quickly, you will learn many tricks that would take you months to learn on your own.

2) The basic products for making 1-color screen printing are:

Depending on the measurements and quantities we need, we can buy the basics for around € 200, to give an example, a 1Kg emulsion bottle can last us approximately between 15 and 20 uses of 30x40 screens.