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Brief update

by Ronny Garcia on October 18, 2014

Hi there!
I regret not being able to blog often, I wish I could make small articles to help with screen printing but I don't have much free time.

For the moment just say that there are some small changes on the web, yes ... I'm talking about prices. In some cases I have raised the price a bit and in others I have lowered it, there is also the option of obtaining very good discounts if you buy 2 or more units of the same product ... we already know how little white lacquer lasts from so much stamping no? With these discounts it will be much cheaper. 

I have also lowered the price of shipping costs a bit. I will study the way to be able to make small shipments with other rates, I hope to be able to give news soon.

Little by little new products have been added, such as:
- Screen printing scrapers
- Special solvent for lacquers
- Insaink lacquers, which take longer to dry on the screen.
- Fabrics of different yarns so that you can make the screens manually.
- Pack of wooden frames, without fabric
- More economical screen printing recuperator, for 5 and 10 liters of water.

You can see them directly in the Shop


I hope to write something new soon. 

Many greetings!