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Currently we can find 3 types of Screen printing inks of mass consumption, this does not mean that they are the only Screen printing inks that exist. We will focus on textile inks.

We can separate screen printing inks into two branches:

- Water Base
- Solvent Base

The inks for water-based printing are Textile Lacquers and Acramine Inks. The first is used for dark garments as it fully covers the garment and the second is used to screen light garments as it dyes the fabric.

We recommend that you always work with screen printing inks Green Earth and Space, both are state-of-the-art water-based lacquers.

Solvent-based inks are called Plastisol, they are paints that do not dry on the mesh and must be cured at a high temperature in a special drying oven or with a thermal plate. These inks use solvents and are therefore more toxic than textile inks.

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