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Escríbenos in addition to serving products to end customers, artists and designers we also have the service of screen printing supplies distribution to workshops, companies and freelancers. We ship to Spain and Portugal.

We need the following information:
  • Name of the company, workshop or service.
  • People who work in your business.
  • Type of screen printing you do (textile, paper, industrial ...)
  • Type of paint you use (lacquers, acramine, plastisol ...)
  • Approximate amount of paint that you usually use per month in Kg.
  • Website or social networks.

If you are interested in knowing our special rates With reduced prices you can write to us through the form that you have below.


Nuestro taller y almacén principal se encuentra en Barcelona provincia, además trabajamos con diversos almacenes en Madrid, Bilbao y Girona.

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