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Build your insolator with LED lights for screen printing with furniture from IKEA

by Ronny Garcia on September 21, 2021

In this article I'm going to show you how to build your screen printing machine with LED lights with the help of an IKEA furniture, don't worry if you don't have an Ikea nearby we'll also give you the measurements so you can do it differently.

In our article on how to build an insolator for € 50 We explain how to make your insolator with a 500w halogen light, luckily technology has advanced and today we can get LED lights in many stores and at a very good price.

I think that not everyone has the knowledge or tools at home to cut wood or make holes, and thinking about this idea I came to think that using a prefabricated piece of furniture was the best option to make a drawer quickly.

At Ikea I have found the Komplement model wardrobe drawer with the perfect measurements to use as a box for our insolator.

medidas caja insoladora led uv ikea

Here is a list of the products that we are going to need for our insolator, you can find the products on Amazon.


To begin, we have to assemble the Ikea drawer according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. It's very easy to do.

Once we have the drawer assembled, we are going to cut and place our UV Led strips. We are going to cut them by the icon of the scissors that we will see in it, we will make strips of 55-56 centimeters.


corte tiras Led UV tijeras


In total we have to have 7 strips of LED lights and we have to hook them to the box about 6-7cm away from each other, try to keep them centered. To hook the Led strips to the box we can use double-sided tape or hook them directly by removing the paper that covers the glue from the strip.

Now we have our box and our hooked strips, we are going to connect them between them. 

If we have connectors with a head at each end, we simply have to place the LED strip in the head.


conector tira led con conector


If our connectors only have a head at one end of the cables, we have to strip the cable from the other end and connect it with a squeegee to another cable.

We have to take into account the positive / negative of the cables so we have to connect them by color as in the following image.


conectores insoladora led uv


Now we only need to connect the cables to the female connector that will go to the current, we have to take into account the positive / negative as indicated in the green part of the connector. In our case, the red wire is the positive and the black wire is the negative.

Now we have everything ready, we just have to plug it into the power with a 12v power adapter and we can use it. 

With the Murakami Aquasol emulsion the insolation time with a homemade photolith is 2 minutes.