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Screen printing courses

by Ronny Garcia on October 15, 2013
Half a year ago we took up the silkscreen courses in the workshop. Every week several people pass by who want to learn how to make their own stampings at home or set up their own workshop. We love to teach everyone how to do screen printing, whether it is screen printing on textiles or on paper.
A couple of weeks ago they came Carlota and Guillem from MEITS to do screen printing on paper. We love it when we work with designers and illustrators as they come up with an idea of what they want and it is easy to work with them. Here are some photos that Carlota and Guillem sent us a few days ago. Many greetings to them! :)

ps: In your Blog you can read about his experience in our workshop!

Curso serigrafia barcelona
Curso serigrafia barcelona
Taller serigrafia barcelona
Taller serigrafia barcelona
If you want to see more photographs of other screen printing courses you can visit our profile at Instagram.