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Build your embossing table with screen printing hinges

by Ronny Garcia on February 03, 2016

Do you have screen printing hinges or are you thinking of buying one? Here we explain in a very simple and inexpensive way to set up your own stamping machine in wood! With a couple of boards, some hinges and some screws you can build your 1 color t-shirt printing table!


The measurements depend a lot on the space where you are going to work and your needs, you should do it from the measurement of the base where the shirt will go. You can make the base of about 40cm by 50cm.

We need the following:
1 wooden board 40x50cm (1)
1 wooden board 40x30cm (3)
1 wooden strip about 60cm long (2)
2 wooden slats approximately 15cm long (5)
1 wood approximately 35cm long and 15cm wide (4)

The slats 2 and 5 must have the same height, the best thing would be to have a 90cm ribbon and cut it at 60 + 15 + 15.
Timber 1 and 4 must also be the same height.

The 2-5 slats and 1-4 boards should be the same height since 1-4 goes just above 2-5. This helps us so that when lowering the screen (fastened with the hinges) it remains parallel to the base where the shirt goes and does not create a lot of distance between the screen and the base.

In the following drawing you can see how it is assembled:

mesa de estampación serigrafía de madera con bisagras 1 color 1 brazo

The woods must be screwed so that they do not move:
5-5-2 must be screwed to 4
5-5-2 must also be screwed to its base 3.
The strip 2 must be screwed to the base 3 and to the base of t-shirts 1. In the base of t-shirts I recommend you put 2 or 3 screws.
The screen printing hinges will be screwed to the number 4 wood, they must be aligned.

If you wish, once assembled, you can screw or fasten the base 3 to a table to prevent it from moving. You can also hold it with some sergeants to the table.

If you have any questions you can write in the comments and we will help you with whatever you need!