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Screen Printing Tricks: Covering Pores After Sunstroke

by Ronny Garcia on March 22, 2014
Well, you have already learned how to make the perfect screens, you emulsify them with one hand and without looking, you clean them and let them dry in the air that now and it is spring and they dry very well with the sun and the air. You are going to start stamping ... you look at your beautiful screen against the light and you see small dots, pixels of the mesh, in various places where they bother you to stamp. Yes, I'm talking about those little dots, which are hardly visible but when you print they are "big" enough for ink to pass through and spoil the print.

Many of those small dots / pixels / open pores can be covered on the outside of the screen with adhesive tape / cela without problems, but many times Murphy's law appears and you find a small dot where you cannot put tape since you do not have space. ..And now that? No problem, we open our bottle of emulsion and take a brush, wet it with emulsion and get ready to paint on the screen. With care and patience we can cover those little spots, the emulsion dries very quickly and leaves no thickness on the screen.


If you have expired emulsion, do not throw it away, it can be used for these small fixes as it dries very quickly.

I recommend that if you use tape to cover the holes, you always put it on the outside of the screen, so you will avoid disturbing and lifting the tape due to the friction of the squeegee rubber.