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Where does the name Octopus come from in its ink?

by Ronny Garcia on November 18, 2013

One of the things that they always ask me when I explain that I have a screen printing workshop is what is it called, and then the question comes from where that peculiar name comes from. Well, today you are going to know where it comes from: D.

It was in 2009 when, with my friend Enric Lleyda and I, we decided to dedicate part of our time to doing small screen printing jobs, and like every project it needed a name. We brainstormed ideas one day on the way to the subway and I think I remember that we ended up outlining it in conversations on Facebook. At that time we were very punk so we came up with very flashy and weird names. We started with animals, I don't remember any specific name but it sure was a very stupid one in the style of "The printing dog" or "The painters monkeys" ...
The screen printing machine is called an octopus, it is that tool with different arms where the screens are attached, these arms move 360º. In 2009 Enric and I didn't even have pipes for pipes (today I think we are still the same), so of course we couldn't afford to buy one of those wonderful silk-screened octopuses.
Thus was born Octopus Stump. It's a very sadistic name, I know, but it was very funny. We had no machinery and we did everything by hand, one held the screen while the other stamped, and so on until Enric's father made us a wooden machine to be able to stamp 1 ink. Some time passed, I got the workshop now in C / Arizala and I decided to modify the name a bit so as not to be so kaffir, it was easy to decide on a new name because I was surrounded by kilos and kilos of ink all day.
Pulpo en su tinta serigrafia

In 2009 the fashionable social network was Myspace and if you were cool you had to send a "Thanks" to the people who had recently added you. Enric knew perfectly how to graphically represent our old name.