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Sol's Regent

by Ronny Garcia on June 25, 2013

Sol’s Regent the non-commercial economic t-shirt

Today I will make a small summary of a shirt with which I have been working for 2 years, it is about the model Regent from the French brand Sun'sFor some it is an unknown brand, but in the neighboring country it is more valued than the famous Fruit of the loom. In the market for T-shirts and other textile garments, we can easily differentiate those that are for commercial use, which are cheaper, and those that are usually used for sale, usually more expensive due to their added comfort.

The T shirt Sol’s regent is a high-end t-shirt, which can both be used in commercial use due to its low cost and can be used for sale due to its perfect finish. It has a semi-combed fabric and what I like the most about this garment is its tubular shape, it is not the typical "potato sack" shirt but its cut adapts to the shapes of the body, the neck has seams to reinforce it. and that makes it not deformed or tight. The best of all? their 36 colors available.

On the other hand, if you want an even thicker shirt that does not lose comfort or is excessively heavy, I recommend using Sol's Imperial.