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Racletas para serigrafía (Raseros) freeshipping - Pulpo en su tinta
Racleta - Racletas Para Serigrafía (Raseros)
Racletas serigrafia detalle madera
Racleta - Racletas Para Serigrafía (Raseros)
Racleta - Racletas Para Serigrafía (Raseros)
Racleta - Racletas Para Serigrafía (Raseros)

Squeegees for screen printing (Raseros)

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The squeegee, scraper or screen printing squeegee is a basic and very useful tool.
It is used to spread the screen printing ink over the screen to get your design printed.
It is the brush of screen printing.
There are different measures, to choose according to the design you want to print. To avoid mistakes, the squeegee must be a couple of centimeters larger than our design but smaller than the inner frame of our screen.

The green color rubber is the most used because it is harder, although the red rubber is recommended for textile screen printing because it is softer and causes more ink to pass through the pores of the screen.

Manufacture of pine wood in Spain
High quality rubber made in Europe.

Rubber of 75 shores of hardness. Green color.
Rubber of 65 shores of hardness. Red color
Straight tip rubber.
Scraper available in different sizes.


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