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impresora SureColor SC-F2100
impresora SureColor SC-F2100

Epson F2100

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Price of Epson F2100 21% VAT not included.

If you are looking for a printer for direct textile printing, you have found it. The Epson F2100 It is the perfect solution for those who want to design and print t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, baby clothes, cloth bags and other cotton items, cotton / polyester blends and silks among others. Thanks to its innovative inkjet technology, this printer is always ready to turn your ideas into reality.

We collaborate as distributors with the official supplier of Epson F2100 in Spain, offering the best price to customers

The printer Epson F2100 SureColor SC is the most revolutionary printer ever! We can finally say goodbye to clogged ink cartridges, smudged prints, and annoying maintenance. Epson's patented white ink recirculation system with automated cleaning keeps the ink fresh and the print head clean.

What does this printer include?

  • SC-F2100
  • Training 2 days at your facilities
  • Spray gun Wagner W100 to apply the pretreatment
  • 1 liter Precoating, pretreatment liquid of Epson inks for 100% cotton garments or polyester-cotton blends
  • FRAME 5in1 Which incorporates the following racks
    Mini frame (17.78 X 23.20)
    Fitted garment frame (25.40 X 30.48)
    Standard frame (35.50 X 40.60)
    XXL frame (40.60 X 50.80)
    * All of them with slot for zippers or buttons
  • 3-year all-inclusive warranty with the assistance of the technician at your facilities
  • 10 white t-shirts 100% cotton Gildan Heavy model for testing
  • 10 black t-shirts 100% cotton Gildan Heavy model for testing

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