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Tintas serigrafia papel profesional de 5 kg
Tintas Para Papel - Tintas Especiales Para Papel (5Kg)

SBK Inks special inks for Paper (5Kg)

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Sebek Inks water-based inks specially manufactured for printing on paper, cardboard and porous surfaces.

5kg containers
Very similar to Unico inks.
Easy to clean with water, resistant to stacking and rubbing.
Non-toxic and "user-friendly" composition.

Semi-opaque (S)
Transparent (TR)

  • Satin matte finish.
  • Little odor.
  • Vivid colors from medium to high opacity. 
  • Excellent printability.

These paper inks must be diluted between 5-10% water.
Use 5-7% retardant to retard screen drying.
Recommended for fine meshes from 90 threads to 150 threads.


Dry for 10-15 minutes at room temperature. Through a drying tunnel with good ventilation at 50ºC for 20-30 seconds. The drying of the inks takes place by evaporation to the air. Drying time may vary depending on the thickness of the ink layer, and the ventilation of the different thinners / retarders that have been used. 


The paper inks can be stored for 1 year in the original and closed container. Store at a temperature below 30ºC. Avoid excess heat. 

The inks for paper come in 1Kg containers.

Made in the European Union.


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