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Tintas Serigrafía Laca Blanco cubriente Nieve- Lacas Ecológicas GREEN EARTH Para Serigrafía 1Kg
Comparación de colores Tintas Serigrafía Laca Blanco cubriente Nieve- Lacas Ecológicas GREEN EARTH Para Serigrafía 1Kg

Snow White Ink GREEN EARTH 1Kg Sustainable textile inks for screen printing

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We present the new Snow White ink, screen printing inks designed to print on cotton and synthetic fabrics with the help of catalyst. They have great covering power and radiant color.

The difference between Snow White and normal white is that normal has a touch of cream color and Snow White has a brighter white, more like 100% white.

The silk screen ink GREEN EARTH follow the regulations and conditions of the European Union in ecological treatments. Try our screen printing inks!

  • Water-based textile inks
  • Great covering power
  • Opaque ink for dark fabrics
  • Soft touch
  • Treated to take longer to dry on the mesh
  • High elastic power
  • Product that complies with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (formalin and APEOS free)
  • Formulated with pigments free of heavy metals.

Our Green Earth inks come in containers of 1Kg.

It is recommended to work with a sufficient amount of textile ink on the screen to be able to remove and cover the design, and thus prevent it from drying quickly on the mesh.
It is advisable to incorporate 10 to 15% of retarder per 1kg of water-based ink.

For manual drying we recommend letting it air dry for 8 days. If we have a drying tunnel, the curing of the ink must be between 120ºC and 140ºC for 4 or 5 minutes. Polymerized in this way, it acquires good resistance to dry cleaning. In the transfer plate, washing tests must be carried out.

It is recommended to iron the print after curing the ink for a better finish.

Textile ink will be perfect for working on 43-wire screens, but you can also work with screens without problems from 34 to 55 threads.

Fluorescent and phosphorescent colors not compatible with Green Earth Snake inks


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